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The Region

The name of this region itself betrays its character. On the one side the dominating Alps with Europe’s highest peak, the Mont Blanc, on the other side the deep Rhône-Valley with its wild landscape and untamed streams. In the north there are the swamps of the Dombes and the fertile plain of Bresse. Internationally known ski resorts like Chamonix, Mégève and Chourchevel have made the east of France an attraction for people from all over the world. On the shore of Lake Geneve elegant resorts are lined up, each with its small port. In the south, the orchards and sunflower fields merge into bright lavender rows, with scattered vineyards and olive groves. The fascinating play of flowers and hills is the secret of this region!

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Culture & Sights

The Rhône-Alps region is characteristic for both its uniqueness and its variety. Unique are the treasures of the world heritage which can be admired here, various are the traces of the past crossing here. Former capital of Gaul and second-largest town of France is Lyon – one of the most important economic and cultural centres. The Musée des Beaux-Arts of Lyon is – second to the Louvre – France’s largest and most important art museum. South of Lyon there lies Vienne, one of the most wonderful ancient towns of the country. Here you can visit the Temple of Augustus and Livia and the Théâtre Romain (which houses the Jazz Festival during the first two weeks in July). Farther to the East, Grenoble presents its celebrities in numerous museums. Being the birthplace of Stendhal, one should visit the Fort de la Bastille with its unique view over the city as well as the Palais de Justice. But don’t miss Chambéry, the former capital of Savoy with its Italian charm and Annecy adorned with flowers.


Lyon, traditional stronghold of the cuisine, is the best place to taste regional food. In the old streets, small restaurants (named bouchons or mères) invite you to taste the Bresse-chicken or frogs from the swamps of the Dombes. Beaujolais, in the north, is a paradise for wine connoisseurs. Here, every place offers an insight into the regional wine culture with wine tasting in historical buildings.

The Country and its People

The diversity of the people of this region reflects the variety of its scenery and culture.Life is more quiet here than in Paris, however celebrations and markets often may be noisy. People are open-minded and very hospitable. They play their own life and watch the others play.