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The Region

How much wine can a country take? Quite a lot, taking into account Burgundy, famous for wine. But not only wine has made it famous. It is also its crystal-clear rivers, its ancient monasteries and dark green forests. Even if the forest region is not at high altitudes, it offers steep gorges and even clefts. MontBeuvray, a wooded plateau offers a splendid view over the vineyards in the east. The most unusual paths through the wine country Burgundy are its waterways. The region is framed by the rivers Saône, Seine, Yonne und Loire, which are interconnected by canals.La Côte d’Or, the chalk plateau between Dijon and Autun is Burgundy’s most famous region. On its slopes the wine growing areas are stretched so much spoilt by the sun.

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Culture & Sights

Burgundy, a region wealthy both in the past and today, in the Middle Ages was a centre of Christianity. Masterly Romanesque ecclesiastical building were created in Vézelay, Fontenay and Cluny. Before the erection of the St. Peter’s Dome Cluny was the biggest church of Christianity, which was destroyed after the French Revolution. With its spacious park and the wide moats, Tanlay is one of the largest castles in Burgundy. Its four corners are dominated by massive round towers with domed roofs. The capital of the region is Dijon, cathedral and university town. The central point of the town is the “Palais des Ducs”, only a few minutes’ walk to the oldest part of the town. In the narrow streets you may find a lot of beautiful patrician houses. Near to Dijon lies Beaune, on of the most important towns in Burgundy. Its main tourist attraction is the Hôtel-Dieu, founded as the town hospital in 1443, with its outstanding colourfully vitrified roof with turrets and oriels. The institution owns remarkable vineyards.


The selected Burgundy wines have enjoyed a good reputation for centuries. The selection of Burgundy vines includes the Pinot Noir, of which the red Burgundy is made. Chardonnay is the preferred vine for Chablis and the white Burgundy. However, Burgundy is not only known for its wines, many cheeses are also made here, like the Époisses, the Pipo Crem’ or the Bleu de Bresse.

The Country and its People

The peace-loving people of Burgundy proud not only of their wines but also of their delightfully hefty food. Here one can enjoy nature at any time of the year and value its beauty. The locals often keep a small farm with cows and Bresse-hens, carefully looked after by their owners.