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The Region

Characterized by the volcanic activities thirty million years ago, the landscape of Avergne today displays green hills and wild gorges. Auvergne owes its unusual relief to the volcanic cones. Here the traveller comes across “Natur pur” as well as romantic places with thermal springs and old ecclesiastical buildings. The chain of 80 volcanos, the “puys” impresses in this remarkable landscape with its majestic domes. Close to the capital of the region, Clermont-Ferrand, is the theme-park “Vulcania”. Here you can enjoy a journey to the centre of the Earth. From the volcano Puy-de-Dôme, 1465 metres high, you have a wonderful view on Clermont-Ferrand.

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Culture & Sights

Even if the region is overcrowded in the summer months, there will be enough time to enjoy sunsets on ochre-coloured stones, for afternoons to listen to whispering of the wind in the poplars, barefoot in the water, riding or cycling around in the shade of chestnut trees. No other moments are better to tell you about this land with its numerous facets. Cave-paintings, Celtic stone cottages, vestiges of Roman buildings, Romanic churches, underground rock caves, round castle towers according to French pattern, rectangular towers according to English pattern, bastides and castles …

The Country and its People

In the Auvergne one can still feel clearly the spirituality of the caveman, the medieval life characterized by warfare and religion. And everything reminds of the history characterized by passion of this charming region where the nature corresponds to the dimensions of man